Terms & Conditions

Conditions of sale (refunds, exchanges, alterations) are subject to the terms and conditions outlined by the respective tour company.  Full terms and conditions are outlined in the brochures of your planned holiday package company.  Any adjustments to booked travel or cancellations caused by the tour company is at their discretion and subject to the terms outlined within their policy.  Payments made to Forsyth Travel Ltd. are held within the terms and conditions of the travel arrangements requested and booked.  Travel/Payments that are non-refundable are final sales, payments must be made, failure to make payments on required deadlines are subject to cancellation and forfeit of any/and or all monies paid.  Forsyth Travel represents multiple tour operators/airlines/cruise lines/etc.  All terms and conditions represented are at the operators terms. 

Travel Documentation

Appropriate Travel Documentation is required for travel abroad.  Passports/Visas may be required when traveling outside of Canada.  Although advised at time of booking what documentation is required, it is the passengers responsibility to ensure all documents are valid at time of booking and for the duration of travel as set out by the destination country.  Customs/Entry into countries varies and it is highly recommended that you understand what documentation is required as well as laws and culture within your travel destination.  Failure/Denied Entry into any country is solely the responsibility of the passenger travelling and may forfeit any planned travel arrangements.  Visa travel applications and fees are always at the expense of the traveler and in most instances, will be required prior to travel.  When booking any travel, it is the passengers responsibility to present correct names/spelling as shown on the required travel documentation.  Any information not correctly given at time of booking will incur penalties as outlined by the tour operator or forfeit of booked travel.  Passengers with criminal records may be denied travel and recommended to check with proper authorities on travel allowance.

Government of Canada 

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Travel Requests

Travel requests such as room category, bed types, location, early/late checkout, etc.. are requests only and can never be guaranteed by your agent or tour company.  Every step is made to convey client requests.  Images provided by tour companies are for reference purpose only, they are not exact images of every room type/restaurant/bar/location/etc..  Any product purchased is based on availability and within the terms and conditions of respective tour company, may be altered to suit the requirements outlined within their policy.  Alterations also apply to aircraft where the airline has the right to change aircraft or alter flight times/schedules.  

Items contained within this site are solely for advertising purposes only.  Logo's and promotions are that of the respective tour company - no affiliation or sponsorship is represented between them or Forsyth Travel.  Pricing and Availability of vacation packages are subject to the availability of the tour company and their respective Terms & Conditions.  Forsyth Travel cannot guarantee prices or availability.  Contents of the site are at time of publishing and subject to change without notice.

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