Maritime Travel Ltd. and their agents act as agents for the companies and individuals whose services have been engaged in the carrying out of the tour and in consequence accepts no responsibility for accidents, damages, baggage losses, delays due to strikes, or to faults, defaults, of any company or government action carrying out this tour. The motor coaches and airlines are not to be held responsible for any act omission or event during the time passengers are not on board their conveyances or planes. Prices are in effect at the time of printing of the brochure, and are subject to change without notice. In the event that the services or accommodations are not available as stated, we make every effort to obtain other suitable accommodations. Occasionally itineraries have to be altered to accommodate unforeseen events. We have made arrangements with independent parties beyond our direct control and we cannot be responsible for the acts or omissions of these parties.


Identification: Valid Passports are required for all travel outside Canada. Travel within Canada, you should have government issued identification. Citizens other than Canadian may need other documentation for travel outside Canada. Travellers are responsible to ensure they carry the proper valid identification.


Payment and Cancellation Policy: Deposit is $50.00 or as stated on brochure. Balance due 45 days prior to departure or as stated on brochure. Cancellation Penalty 45 days or as stated on brochure, until day of departure 100%. If Maritime Travel Ltd. cancels any of our motorcoach tours, the amounts paid will be refunded.


Cancellation and Medical Insurance: Cancellation and Medical Insurance should be considered when travelling. We offer this to you on our tours.


Terms and conditions set by individual companies will precede Maritime Travel Ltd. policy.


Standard Responsibility Clause applies to all trips and tour advertised. We appreciate your cooperation with these matters and look forward to travelling with you in the future. 

Maritime Travel Ltd. Escorted Motorcoach Tours

General Information and Need to Know Before You Go


Pricing: All prices are quoted in Canadian Funds per person and include applicable HST and other taxes. We accept cash, cheque, Mastercard and Visa. Maritime Travel Ltd. reserves the right to alter pricing if necessary. Reservations may be subject to price increases. No price increases are permitted after the reservation is paid in full except in cases of retail sales tax or federal goods and service tax. In the event the rates increase above 7% of the initial rate you will have the option to cancel the reservation and receive a full refund.


Insurance: We recommend Cancellation and Out of Province Health Insurance. Insurance premiums are non refundable and must be purchased at deposit. Please read insurance policies carefully and understand pre-existing conditions. Please contact our individual offices for rates.


Identification: It is your responsibility to have proper travel ID. Canadian Citizens born in Canada must have a valid passport. Non Canadian citizens please contact our offices.


Seating: In order to be fair to all participants on our motorcoach tours we will do a seat rotation, at the direction of the tour escort. If you prefer not to participate please select a seat at the rear of the motorcoach. There are NO reserved seats on our motorcoaches. If you are a single traveller be prepared that you may be sharing a seat on the bus.


Physical Challenges: Physically challenged passengers are more than welcome to travel on Maritime Travel Tours, however you MUST have a capable travelling companion to assist you at all time throughout the trip.


Smoking and Drinking Alcohol Beverages: Is not allowed on the motorcoach, many hotels are now also 100% SMOKE FREE, and smoking in the hotel is not available. Cannabis in any form (medicinal or other) is illegal to transport across the United States border in any capacity (including travel to states/cities that legalize cannabis).  Those who are employed by a cannabis company or own shares/investments may not be permitted entry into the United States if found traveling for reasons related to the cannabis industry.  If traveling within Canada, it is your responsibility to understand rules/regulations of the province/territory you are traveling to.  Noncompliance with the rules and regulations of Cannabis products will result in denial of entry.  No refunds or compensation will be made.


Fragrances: In consideration of your fellow passengers, please refrain from using perfume and cologne.

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